Next weekend @qiasomar and I will be in VA! Sunday, October 12th at Gateway Park in Rosslyn from 11am to 7pm! Best part is that ADMISSION IS FREE!!! Come hang out with us enjoy all the great things planned for the day. Such as Art, Music, Food and so much more!


Nissan GT-R

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Palm Island, Dubai ©

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Husain Abdullah intercepts Tom Brady and returns it 39 yards for a TD

Wish I could see my Dad’s smile or hear his laugh one more time. Almost 3 years since I’ve seen my Mom smile like this.

Surprise birthday party for my brother @qiasomar. Hope you had a great time tonight. Huge shoutout to his Mom for setting this all up with his friends, family and loved ones.

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Vince Carter - 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Champion.


Let us never forget what Vince Carter did for our country.


Good morning from Mr. Carter.

Takht Bhai, Pakistan.

Happy Birthday to my brother Qias. Thank you for always being there for me. Love this guy. I’ve gotten the chance to visit some amazing places and people all thanks to my brother. Keep up the hard work. I’ll always be here to support you. Can’t wait to see what comes next! Wish you were here celebrating with us. Enjoy Hawaii and say “Eyyyy Ponooooo” to Johnny Tsunami for me. #DreamQrew @qiasomar